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Closing Concert

Saturday, October 24  |  20:00

Karl-Marx-Straße 28, 12043 Berlin

Reserve a seat at www.km28.de

Please note : due to COVID19-related travel restrictions, Helge Slaatto and Frank Reinecke are unable to perform live at Harmonic Space 2020

19:00 | Doors Open

Visual installation by Mareike Yin‑Yee Lee, featuring "Aggregates and Processes" poster series (2020) and 11 original scores from the "Postal Pieces" (1965–71) by James Tenney

20:00 | Performances

V1 (2020, premiere) | M.O. Abbott

Michiko Ogawa (clarinet), M.O. Abbott (trombone), Fredrik Rasten (guitar), Sarah Saviet (violin), Thomas Nicholson (viola), Catherine Lamb (viola)

duration ca. 15'

Mirror (2006/7) | Catherine Lamb

Frank Reinecke (double bass)
Jonathan Heilbron (double bass)

duration ca. 10'

Divide (2019, premiere) | Marc Sabat

Rebecca Lane (bass flute), Michiko Ogawa (clarinet), M.O. Abbott (trombone), Judith Hamann (cello)

duration ca. 12'

Just Another Bagatelle (2004) | James Tenney

Helge Slaatto (violin), Sarah Saviet (violin) Judith Hamann (cello)

duration ca. 1'


Glissade (1982) | James Tenney

I. Shimmer
II. Array (a’rising)
III. Bessel functions of the first kind
IV. Trias Harmonica
V. Stochastic-canonic Variations

Johnny Chang (violin), Judith Hamann (cello), Jonathan Heilbron (double bass), Samuel Dunscombe (electronics)

duration ca. 35'