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Concert 2

Saturday, October 17  |  20:00

Karl-Marx-Stra├če 28, 12043 Berlin

Reserve a seat at www.km28.de

Please note : due to COVID19-related travel restrictions, Helge Slaatto and Frank Reinecke are unable to perform live at Harmonic Space 2020

19:00 | Doors Open

Visual installation by Mareike Yin‑Yee Lee, featuring "Aggregates and Processes" poster series (2020) and 11 original scores from the "Postal Pieces" (1965–71) by James Tenney

20:00 | Performances

Selected works in Pythagorean JI | Guillaume de Machaut & Philippe de Vitry

Helge Slaatto (violin), Frank Reinecke (double bass)

duration ca. 10'

Part Song (2017) | Marc Sabat

Helge Slaatto (violin), Frank Reinecke (double bass)

duration ca. 8'

Plainsound Study 1 (2015) | Wolfgang von Schweinitz

The Two Diatonic Divisions of the Major Third Presented in the Dorian Mode, Op. 61a

Helge Slaatto (violin), Frank Reinecke (double bass)

duration ca. 10'

Livestream TBA

Helge Slaatto (violin), Frank Reinecke (double bass)

Roundtable ZOOM & live discussion

Reflections on James Tenney

Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Walter Zimmermann, and members of HSO


Ryoanji (1983–5) | John Cage

M.O. Abbott (trombone)
with John Heilbron, Rebecca Lane, Michiko Ogawa, Fredrik Rasten (percussion)

duration ca. 19'


Valentine Manifesto (1973) | James Tenney

Rebecca Lane (reading)

duration ca. 3'

Telephone Interview with Walter Zimmermann
from “Desert Plants” (1975/2020)
| James Tenney

audio/video, first public showing

duration ca. 28'

Concord Sonata (1920/47) | Charles Ives

IV. "Thoreau" (after Henry David Thoreau)

James Tenney (piano; recording)

duration ca. 11'